Kill My Coquette – Live in Hollywood

Saturday, December 20th
The Three Clubs, Hollywood

Recently introduced to this band after previewing their EP and interviewing lead singer Natalie Denise Sperl, We were at the Three Clubs on Vine to witness Kill My Coquette deliver a high-energy performance that rocked the small Hollywood room. The quartet ripped through songs from their upcoming EP as well as a cover of the Iggy Pop and the Stooges song “I Wanna Be Your Do,” offering a vibrant mixture of unfettered, straight-forward rock ‘n’ roll treading on the verge of punk. Nicely-constructed tunes provided by singer Natalie Denise Sperl are brought to life under the very competent talents of band mates Dave Stucken on lead guitar, Mike Evans on bass and Kelly Hagerman on drums; Strucken’s wild guitar leads grounded by the tasteful balance of the tightly-wound low end of Evans and the intricate timing of Hagerman’s drums. Captivating both sight and sound, Sperl is the center piece of this band with her edgy vocals and (actual) model good-looks. She has employed her performance skills to hone an instantly enthralling stage presence, providing the heartbeat to this group through smoky vocals and solid riffs on her rhythm guitar. Like us, the crowd really seemed to enjoy the set. It was great to get to hear a few songs that didn’t make it onto the upcoming EP.  Check out this band on their website and Facebook. If you like what you find, we highly suggest you see them live. Kill My Coquette offers a thrilling ride.

We snapped a few shots of them in action. Check out the photo gallery below.  Also you can read our interview with singer Natalie Denise Sperl here.

Supermodel Blues
Post Teenage Angst *
Trophy Girrl
Festival Boy*
Close to Me
I Wanna Be your Dog
Sweet Baby Blooze*
3rd and Bonnie Bra*

* Songs featured on the bands self-titled debut EP due for release on January 20th 2015.