Interview with FIGS VISION, Pre-Brokechella

April 18, 2015
590 S Santa Fe Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles
Produced by cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA
Interview by Harriet Kaplan

Gunner Sixx and Jordan Spoliansky found a band name and musical inspiration in the form of a mystic/homeless man name Fig Darling they met as teens while they were dirt biking riding in the mountains. At the time, Sixx and Spoliansky were just dabbling in music though Fig always encouraged them to start a band. Two years ago, after Fig’s death, the indie rock band finally took the steps to fulfill “Fig’s Vision” and in honor of him, took the songs they wrote and recorded them in the studio. Since then, they have released one EP “Darling” and an LP “Mother” with the support and help of crowd source funding. From there, Figs Vision developed a following playing clubs around L.A.

“We have given out our EP and built an extended family of people that have wanted to help us out and build something bigger,” Sixx explained. We make music that inspires people to love themselves – the good and parts of themselves.”

Their bond has become even stronger changing the dynamic of the friendship and brotherhood into a unified force and becoming one.

Figs Vision describe their sound as soul, electronic music and with a dash of hip.

“What genres are we in? We have heard different things from different people. The Talking Heads. The Cure. The Knife. We say we don’t know. It’s hard from our perspective. Influence wise there is Gil Scott-Heron, Curtis Mayfield and The Apex Twins.”

Figs Vision are excited about playing BROKECHELLA  for the first time and were already familiar with the festival. Performing there will give the band an opportunity to experiment with the visual presentation and try new things.

“It would be awesome to share our vision on such a perfect platform and know this is something we have been praying for so long and we are going to play a show we have never done before, the music we have played before, but it will be a new style of show that we have  pushed to develop it further,” Spoliansky explained.

“We’ve gone through a lot of changes and have had different band members. At one point, we were up to six members. Now we are working with three other people. This show is the furthest progression of our live performance. We are always growing and making ourselves hopefully better. This will be a great place to debut our most developed selves performance wise. I think it’s great that BROKE brings people to appreciate the entire spectrum of creativity: comedy to visual art to music. Being a part of all that is an honor.”

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