Interview with babes, pre-brokechella

April 18, 2015
590 S Santa Fe Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles
Produced by cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA
Interview by Harriet Kaplan

According to their Facebook page bio, Babes are a locomotive sex drive down a trail of tears. That’s a boastful yet intriguing description of the tough talking and streetwise L.A. based-BABES that are really a family affair featuring Sarah Rayne Leigh on vocals and synths; Aaron Leigh on guitar and vocals and Zach Leigh on guitar. Rounding out the group are the supporting players aka figurative blood brothers also lovingly described on the FB bio toward Bryan Harris on bass and Jeff Baird on drums. The Leighs have been in bands for a long time with their  younger yet wise beyond her years sister Sarah coming in and going out of them.

“We’re siblings,” Aaron explained. “Me and Zachary played bands since we’re 12. Sarah started playing with us when we were 18.”

“Then I got kicked out and kicked back in and kicked out a few times,” Sarah laughed telling the story of her on-again, off-again involvement in her brothers bands.

“We have toured a bunch up and down the coast,” Aaron said. “We’ve been to Seattle and Texas a few times. We haven’t made it to the East Coast yet. We were on tour but it got cancelled.”

The Babes will release their first self-titled debut  LP on Harvest Records on May 27 and the band has already released a number of videos. They are unusual, provocative and really push the envelope.

“When people see us the one reference we get is David Lynch,” Sarah said. “It’s a little creepy, a little sexy. Our friend that edits our videos says we sound like creepy doo wop. It’s like doo wop for people who feel sad about life. We do a lot of harmonies like The Everly Brothers. We love The Beach Boys and The Kinks. We try to make our music more modern, though.”

When Zach and Sarah got a publishing deal and chance to work with Steve Lindsay, Jeff Berry and Charlie Midnightto recreate the old Brill Building concept but with a twist on today’s musical climate it eventually laid the foundation for what the Babes would go on with their material.

“They wanted us to learn the way they used to write songs,” Zach said. “We stole all their thoughts and ideas and made it our own. That’s where our music comes from. It’s from a traditional place but we put our own weird spin on it.”
“When Zach and I finished with that, Aaron said lets do our band now, “Sarah said.

“None of finished high school or went to college, that was our college,” Zach said. “That was what we did to learn a trade.”

Babes played Chinatown Nights before 800 people last year and are excited to play BROKECHELLA.

“It’s cool to be part that of because it’s the whole L.A. vibe thing,” Zach said. Beside I’m a broke and I’m into that and I can relate.”