Interview with DUTCH PARTY, Pre-Brokechella

April 18, 2015
590 S Santa Fe Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles
Produced by cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA
Interview by Harriet Kaplan

Based on a name found in a book written in the 1890s called Modern Social Customs, Ken Franklin came across what he thought was the perfect name to describe and characterize his indie pop and rock and roll band. Franklin said it was about having a good time and putting out a positive vibe.

“It’s hard to come up with a great name that suits the music,” Franklin explained. “It fits the lifestyle and it’s something I can look back on in years and say it still fits. When I started to read about it, within a few sentences, it described how a proper Dutch Party “It’s essentially a bachelor party you invite your friends. You just hang out. That’s like me. There is no pressure. It kind of stuck. That’s how it came to me.”

Franklin started playing music at 16 learning guitar and drums. It was more like a love for him than a career path. Then about a year ago, his perspective changed and Franklin decided to make a go of the music professionally.

“I connected with a guy that owned a studio,” Franklin said. “I called him up and asked him if he wanted to do a project with me where we would record a couple of songs. I went in there between his studio time and my busy time. Eventually we came up with six songs. We really liked them and thought it was a cool sound. Somehow one of my early recordings got leaked. This exposure lead to more interest and management.

You’re just trying to figure out what you’re doing,” Franklin explained.“You talk about influences and inspiration. Somebody like me, I draw from everything. Even things I don’t like. So you have all these things you try to filter into your own voice and sound. So once you had those six, you had the foundation. It took us a 10th of that time to go back and finish the record. The LP took a couple weeks to complete. That hasn’t been released yet. We’re releasing our EP in two weeks. It’s called “Astral Nights”. The old Van Morrison record “Astral Weeks” inspired that. It’s a beautiful album and I like the way he recorded it. It’s kind of tongue and cheek thing with Van Morrison’s album is called “Astral Weeks” he recorded in a matter of days. Mine was recorded in a matter of weeks.
“I recruited a band (including Luke Paquin, lead guitarist, and former lead guitarist of Hot Hot Heat!) after making the EP that will be released on the 17th.  I played all of the instruments, wrote the songs and came up with arrangements. I was trying to set a palette and find guys that can come in and be a band. Eventually, by the second or third record, Dutch Party will be a band. I was raised on The Beatles. I appreciate a well-crafted melodic song. Like great harmonies. I love things that are upbeat and ballad-y

“We have done seven shows in L.A. Our first show was a house party. We are excited about performing at BROKECHELLA. These festivals tend not to be about the music as much as they should be. It’s about the party, fashion and getting fucked up in the desert. But to find something like a sister to it. If you can’t afford to get to the desert and get a ticket, you like music, then you want to have a good time, then there’s the thing and it’s right in your own backyard. All these bands are great and I know these guys. I submitted music and I wasn’t sure we would be accepted because we are so new. We don’t have a big track record as far as what been released or a following. We don’t have a lot press behind us. I would like to think people will take a chance on a new band because we’re cool. Luckily, the people who were judges of BROKECHELLA  came out to our El Cid show and had a great time. They kind of championed us and said we would be perfect for the outdoor stage.”

Dutch Party will be performing on Good Day LA on Fox at 9:40am onThursday, April 16th.

Make sure to catch them on the   stage at BROKECHELLA, and find out more about Dutch Party at these sites;