Moon Honey

Interview with Moon Honey, Pre-Brokechella

April 18, 2015
590 S Santa Fe Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles
Produced by cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA
Interview by Harriet Kaplan

When guitarist Andrew Martin and singer Jessica Ramsey were about to release their first album they found inspiration at the STAX Museum in Memphis, Tennessee when they came across the name of a soul singer with the moniker of Moon Honey explaining they were looking for “a more soulful, mystical name.”  Shortly thereafter, they released the album and it did well for the band. They toured constantly. The band in this incarnation has been together a year and a half. Originally from Louisiana, Andrew and Jessica moved to L.A. seven months ago with their good friend/drummer Luke.

“We decided we wanted to move to L.A. because it’s beautiful here,” Andrew said. “So we packed up our van, Jessica and I came out to L.A. We congregated a new band and within two months, we were back out on the road. We literally just got back into town. We’re touring, releasing music and living the dream!”

Moon Honey is trying to take more of a structured and more conventional approach to songwriting and categorizes their music as art rock with the goal of writing timeless songs.

“On our first album, the songs went up to eight or nine minutes long,” Andrew said. “We’re going for a brighter sound. We’re still trying to have a surreal, psychedelic approach to crafting more accessible music. I was ok with the music the way it was and we were trying to challenge the listener. But now, we want make friends with the listener.”

Moon Honey will get more of that opportunity next Saturday at BROKECHELLA.

“It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be the counter culture alternative to COACHELLA which has turned into a mainstream thing. The idea of making a budget-friendly festival any type of person can get into, and still see amazing bands, they may not have heard of yet, that’s a special thing. It’s co close, you don’t have to drive an hour and a half away. Some of the best talent will be here. I’m excited.”\