Interview with comic MYKE WRIGHT, pre-Brokechella

April 18, 2015
590 S Santa Fe Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles
Produced by cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA
Interview by Harriet Kaplan

Having done comedy tours before and performed before large audiences, Myke Wright is ready for his next challenge at BROKECHELLA. In person, Myke seems naturally extroverted and totally open and as he told he loves talking to people and meeting new people along the way.

“I’m excited to be part of the 2015 lineup,” Wright said.  “Last year was the first year they implemented comedy into the festival which is such a great idea. Comedy has almost always been left out of the group. It’s a great way to shake up the people and the crowds. I went on tour over the Summer and played the Anaheim Convention Center. There were 7,000 people in the auditorium. I travel with a couple of other comedians and we do the Well Spoken Comedy Tour.”

“I’m from Detroit. I’m a middle child. I was always diffusing situations at home. Comedy was a natural progression for me. My influences are the people around me like my family.”

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