Teenage Time Killers (Part One)

Teenage Time Killers
Fonda Theatre,
6126 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles
Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015


House Band
Drums- Reed Mullin (34 songs)
Guitar- Mick Murphy (50 Songs)
Bass- Derik Envy (44 songs)

Singer #1 – Trenton Rodgers (Chaotic Justice)
(Pat “Adam Bomb” Hoed (Brujeria / Nip Drivers) – Bass & John “Lou” Lousteau – Drums)
Teenage Time Killer (Teenage Time Killers)
Blood Stains (Agent Orange)
Fuck Authority (Pennywise) (Trenton’s friend Josh – Backing Vox)

Singer #2 (+ Guitar) – Jonny Webber (The Ghost Of Saturday Night)
Son Of An Immigrant (Teenage Time Killers)
Barrio (Teenage Time Killers) 

Singer #3 – Vic Bondi (Articles Of Faith)
Bleeding To Death (Teenage Time Killers)
Hannity (Teenage Time Killers) 
What We Want Is Free (Articles Of Faith)
TV Eye (The Stooges) (Vic Bondi – Guitar)

Singer #4 – Clifford Dinsmore (Bl’ast)
Power Outage (Teenage Time Killers)
Procreation Of The Wicked (Celtic Frost)
Dirty Love (Motorhead)

Singer #5 – Karl Agell (Kinghitter / C.O.C. Blind)
Dance Of The Dead (C.O.C.)
Devil In This House (Teenage Time Killers)
Vote With A Bullet (C.O.C)

Teenage Time Killers (Part Two)
Teenage Time Killers (Part Three)

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