Closer look at event vendors at Kaaboo Del Mar

12th TRIBE

In the Indulgences section of KAABOO Del Mar laid an indoor and outdoor section featuring music, technology, sports, activities, and women’s fashion.The Art of La, www.theartofla.comm had a chance to speak with featured Women’s Fashion brand, 12th Tribe. We spoke with the Owner, Demi Marchese, where she provided insight into her nation wide establish brand only one year after college.

Demi Marchese of 12thTribe gave a direct explanation of what her fashion line represents and the audience she is trying to reach.

“Each piece is hand selected and curated to create an easy to wear and versatile collection for women on the go,” Marchese said. “We want you to feel like you can throw any piece in your suitcase, and jet to your next adventure in style. 12th Tribe’s collections focuses on forgiving fits and work with a wide range of body styles. They transcend from beach wear to a night out into the city like that. We love the eclectic vibe of our tribe, and we’ve established a collection unique to your treasure chest. Selected statement pieces come from around the world and include pieces from Taxco, Turkey, Southeast Asia,  and our very own backyard, Venice. Throughout the mix of clothing and jewelry, you’ll find a fair share of beach side bohemian flare, and downtown city edge.”

On the origin and beginnings of 12th Tribe: While studying at San Diego State University, I was fortunate to pursue international marketing classes abroad in Spain. During the two month study, I bounced around to 11 different places. I fell in love with traveling. As I graduated from school last May, the passion from Travel remained, but my forever long love with the fashion industry pulled as well. Battling the decision to pursue a career in one or the other, I took inspiration from travel and incorporated it throughout 12th Tribe.  I pulled from a mix of different places I went to. Everywhere I travelled I saw relaxed styles. I saw very eclectic pieces. I saw neutral colors, but with splash of vibrancy. That’s what has truly inspired my brand. Not only that, but a break up. As I graduated college I was lost as to what direction to pursue career wise, but I also was in the midst of a break up. Devastated. I started 12th Tribe as a hobby and a few months later I told my dad I’m not longer sending out resumes or interviewing with Nasty Gal (Crazy, I know.) I was living at home during this time and as I was beginning the business I had never felt the closeness of my family like I did then. In fact, they inspired the meaning behind the “Tribe”, because lets face it, A tribe is made up of people who have your back, catch you when you fall and empower you to live your life how you choose. My family and friends have always been exactly that.

As far as battling “competition” in “the most competitive industry” – Yes we are an online retailer, like Nordstrom and Revolve. However, we’ve drawn back each piece to a smaller scale. In other words, the likely hood of you walking down the street in what someone else is wearing is unlikely. Creating a style that is unique and diverse is hard to do nowadays with department stores. I swear I leave my house in new shoes and every girl has them on too. What’s the fun in that? We’re constantly bringing new styles to the Tribe’s treasure chest, but if you like it grab it because the chances it will be there in a week are slim. Only the lucky few are going to get it;) Aside from that, I’m fortunate to incorporate pieces from places people may not get to visit. I work with designers all over the world . I did a buying trip in Southeast Asia, Thailand, Spain, and Singapore to name a few.

Aside from the the unique vibes of our tribe, customer service is the biggest thing I have gotten positive feedback from other people about. In this day and age, a lot of people don’t respond to emails right away. And if they do, it’s an automated response. To me, it just doesn’t seem sincere. We do our best to respond to everything as quick as possible, but at this point I even have texting relationships with my customers. I just got a text from a customer in India wearing one of our pieces. She sent me a video of Ghandi’s birthday – it was very cool.  Side note – everyone thinks these customers are around my age (22). Disclaimer –  one of my best customers is 65-years-old. She texts me every week: what did you get in? I said you are the trendiest 65-year-old I have ever met (smile).”

Getting into KAABOO: “Simple. I saw an advertisement for San Diego’s first Festival so I sent an e-mail and pitched the idea,” Demi said. “I had just moved to L.A. to push further this business. I wanted to do more offline events and shake hands with people and meet our Instagram followers etc. Connecting with people that support the brand is very important to me. Events like these are what keep me truly motivated. Today this girl came up to me and hugged me as if I knew her. It took me a while to understand what was happening. I thought: I cant ask this woman what her name is because I think we know each other but I don’t know! She bought something and asked if I could put it on hold and I said yes. I said put down your name for me and I looked down and said: oh my God, you’re all over our Instagram! I do know you! We had never actually exchanged words, but the fact she came up to me so comfortably and like we had known each other for so long was a great feeling. My main goal was for women to feel like they connect with the brand and at that moment I felt like it was really working.


There were several vendors that exhibited and participated in the recent first inaugural KAABOO Del Mar festival on September 18-20. COOLA was one of them offering an innovative clean, healthy option for suncare and sunscreen. The company line of products are 97% certified organic and are manufactured using solar power. In addition to solar powered, the company says it also incorporated farm to face which describes its sourcing policy for local ingredients and vendors. In 2012 COOLA introduced plant protection after revolutionizing the use of plant stem cells and plant phyto-protectors to boost sun protection naturally.

COOLA offers three distinct lines of certified organic sun protection, including its new Plant UV line and recently reformulated Mineral and Classic collections. Each line is formulated with different active ingredients and offers unique products, such as our award-winning Mineral Baby or best-selling Classic Face Cucumber. Additionally, they just launched our Environmental Repair Plus line (ER+) for pre+post sun skincare. Today COOLA says it continues to pave the way in the suncare industry. And because they produce in limited quantity batches in sunny and cool San Diego, they said they are able to reformulate often, taking advantage of new developments in sun science. Persistently striving to make every customer a satisfied one, COOLA offers high performance suncare products that are still both delicate and luxurious enough to compliment anyone’s daily skincare regimen, no matter how fussy. interviewed founder and CEO Chris Birchby of COOLA via e-mail. Birchby spoke about how the company got involved with KAABOO, asked what their demographic audience is, who are they trying to reach with their brand and how did KAABOO fit the profile and how well did the company do business-wise at the festival.

“We love partnering with like-minded San Diego brands, and as soon as we heard about KAABOO, we knew it was an experience we wanted to be part of!” explained Chris Birchby. “Promoting a healthy Southern California lifestyle is part of our brand DNA and KAABOO embodies the same philosophy.

“COOLA’s demographic is primarily active women and men who care about the products and ingredients they put on, and in, their bodies.  They look for high performance, healthy products that are multi-functional for their active lifestyles.

“KAABOO was a very successful event for COOLA to connect with our local San Diego fans. We love hearing direct feedback regarding what products people love the most and the adventures they’ve had while wearing COOLA!”


PAYNE-MASON Cigars, Inc.

PAYNE-MASON Cigars, Inc.

PAYNE-MASON Cigars, Inc. is a cigar manufacturer based out of San Diego, CA and has been in business for 18 years. The company doesn’t sell its product in traditional retail stores like liquor stores or a cigar shops. The company sells its products primarily through destination location properties like casinos, resorts and fine golf properties through the U.S.

Bob Payne, president of PAYNE-MASON Cigars, Inc., spoke with the at KAABOO Del Mar to discuss his product, providing  more background and insight into the audiences they reach, the company’s perfect fit for the festival.

All our cigars are 100% handmade by Master Rollers,” Bob Payne said. “We service the upscaled marketing, a good fit for the KAABOO Music Fest. Mercedes-Benz is the Title Sponsors, along with high-end spirit companies being involved, makes for a good product offering for this upscale market audience. We’ve rolled for national events such as the EMMYs, Masters, Superbowl and Concour D’ Elegance, along with other high-profile clients. KAABOO has been a successful event for us. Tremendous crowds. The crowds in the evening have been very strong. It’s been a positive event and the management for the event is totally qualified. It’s a big event. The first one they put on and it’s very well ran and coordinated.”

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