Talk with Ron Funches

Ron Funches
Del Mar Racetrack
Friday, September 18, 2015

Like a hot fudge sundae with funny as the cherry on top.

The endearing charm and easygoing manner of comedian Ron Funches is completely infectious. To see him is to adore him, and then boom comes the FUNNY! For the most part his sense of humor matches his jovial demeanor, but that’s not to say it’s not without some edge. Even when he treads into more difficult territory his delivery smoothens the sharp edges.

In addition to his career in stand-up, Funches is also an actor and writer. He can be found on TV regularly. Not only he hold the title for the most ‘wins’ on Comedy Central’s @ Midnight, Funches has also appeared on Bob’s Burgers, John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show, New Girl, Enlisted, Drunk History, and Portlandia. He’s had a recurring role on Crash and Bernstein and is a writer for the Kroll Show too. Although he’s about to enter filming on season three of the live comedy series Undateable, he also continues to do stand-up whenever possible.

We got a few quick words with the affable funny man before he took the “Humor Me” stage at the inaugural KAABOO Del Mar festival.

When did you realize you could make a living being funny?

It’s just what I do. I’ve always had a sense of humor about me and it was just natural for me to go into comedy. About three weeks ago I realized I could make a living at it.

Do you feel a sense that people act like they know you because your persona is so approachable?

Maybe, but I tend to attract weird and intelligent fans and it’s usually pretty easy meeting and talking with them. I do get lots of hugs from guys and from girls. I wish it was more from girls, but I’m an equal opportunity hugger.

How would you describe your comedic?

Chill and very hilarious.

When watching comics, what makes an impression on you?

Personal style and confidence.

You just recorded a comedy album “Funches of Us”

Yes, I recorded this August at two live shows in Denver, CO. It’ll be out this holiday season and is a collection of my favorite bits that I’ve worked on for the past 9 years.

Tell us about the character you portray in Undateable.

I read the description and said, that’s for me me, I’m in! I play a guy who happens to just hang out in a bar since he’s “undatable”, it’s just fun. And I get to hang out all day with my closest friends.

What will season three hold for Shelly of Undateable?

More fun, more jokes, and hopefully way more dates.

What have you been doing between filming breaks?

Comedy shows and other TV shows. I’m always around. I’m out there you can see me on @midnight. And people can catch me at the Comedy Store in Hollywood regularly.

What can the fans expect when they see you live at KAABOO?

I’m pretty amped up to play a show like this, I’m just gonna dive in and enjoy the moment.

What will you check out this weekend at KAABOO when not on stage?

Snoop dogg!


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