The Echoing

The Echoing – Confession

California-based band The Echoing  recently put their new single  “Confession” on Bandcamp. The quartet of Brooke Mello (vocals), Nicole Ridge (guitar), Dante Johnson (drums), and Mark Blackheart (bass) offer a delicious promise of what they can offer. Long-time collaborators Mello and Ridge united with the perfect counterparts on bass and drums.  Forged along footsteps of musicians before them, you’ll sense elements of psychedelia, Goth, and grunge. But they offer a fresh take all their own defying placement into one genre.

The single is a heady brew of melodic sludgy guitar on the solid foundation of their rhythm section.  Brooke Mello pours a cocktail of gorgeously phrased, foreboding  lyrics in honey-soaked vocals with a pure distilled finish.  The almost five minutes of “Confession” plays like sonic theater of dysphoric ideals.  This track is set in layers of somber minor notes that pull you under until the climactic crescendo. Okay, we’re interested! We’ll keep an eye open to see what this lushly atmospheric Central California band does next.


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