Outer Spaces – A Shedding Snake

The Baltimore-based indie band Outer Spaces debut full-length album comes out on May 27th on Don Giovanni Records.

Singer/songwriter Cara Beth Satalino and band mates Rob Dowler and Chester Gwazda successfully crafted a melodic rock effort that is refreshing and genuine.  It’s emotional without being jaded, overly precious, or whiny. The thirteen tracks on A Shedding Snake take you on a journey.  Beth Satalino peels back her layers revealing parts of her soul.   Through introspective lyrics, the singers expressive and delicate vocals  tell her stories through well-rounded verses above robust stirring guitars and mournful minor melodies that lead into stunning choruses.

Outer Spaces will be playing Los Angeles at Pehrspace on June 10th. In the meantime, check out the video to their single “Words” below. You can also check out the previous singles “I Saw You”and “Heavy Stone Poem”.

Pre-order the album on iTunes.

A Shedding Snake Track List:
01. I Saw You
02. Words
03. Mint on the Sill
04. I Was Divided
05. Shade of Grey
06. Born Enemy
07. Postman
08. Heavy Stone Poem
09. I’ve Wanted to Show You
10. Stone and Water
11. Eternally Fifteen
12. The Page Has Turned
13. What Is Real

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