Interview with Dario

Making a big impact in the pop and dance field, Dario is a singer/songwriter with distinctive attitude with unbridled confidence and an infectious personality that has won him many followers and admirers.

A seasoned veteran of the scene, he has toured the U.S. nine times, and in 2015 Dario headlined his first world tour covering 70 cities across Asia to connect with his international fans. Dario’s album “Revolution” debuted at No. 1 digitally on Amazon the week it was released. Several of the tracks from that album, including “Save You,” reached the top charts in the U.S., including Billboard’s Top 40 Dance Chart. Dario’s most recent success was reaching the Billboard 200 at #94 as an independent artist. He is a staple in the LGBT community and regularly performs at Pride concerts across the nation. On his new album, Dario says he “makes no apologies for who he is as he stands behind a powerful message with inspirational vocals.”

www.theartofla.com recently caught up with the ambitious and enthusiastic Dario to discuss his career to date including his emerging popularity and fame, the songwriting process, choosing collaborators and performing before live audiences.

What do you think makes you a unique artist in dance and pop music genre?

I love pop, dance and R&B music, but I try not to stick to much to a certain formula. I experiment with other genres and pull inspiration from other types of music. I love being creative with my sound and hopefully evolve with it. I want people to listen to my songs and hear mariachi, or heavy metal, maybe even polka—I’m serious with that last one! And I think that’s what makes me unique. Music is so universal; it brings people together and transcends language.

Can you tell me about your ascent to popularity and fame in the last 10 years of your career? What have you learned along the way and have you made any changes or refinements to your sound and image?

It’s been a pretty interesting decade, I’ll tell you that much. There are a lot of highs and lows. One thing I’ve learned about this business is not to take yourself too seriously. Music is supposed to be fun—it’s an escape for you and your audience. You can’t let what others think of you affect the way you feel about yourself. Everyone has an opinion, and when you have a public platform, then they’re going to have an opinion about you. It’s my job to listen, thank them for what they are saying and move on. And believe me I do listen, and when it’s constructive I take it into consideration and try new things with my music and my style. If you look at my first album back in 2004 and my new one now, I’m not the same artist (or person for that matter).

What message or messages to you want to send to your audiences through your lyrics? 

My message has always been to be exactly who you are. As cliche as it sounds, I truly want people to be happy about being themselves. I always sing about adversity and how to overcome it, as well as pride, loving yourself and never allowing anyone to bring you down. I want people to listen to my music and make these songs theirs. If they take any sort of inspiration from one of my songs, I did my job.

How much influence does your fan base have in crafting and writing your songs and or sound? Do find yourself catering to their tastes in any way?

Oh absolutely yes! I love when I go on tour and I talk to the fans one on one; that’s when we realize together that we have the same problems and insecurities. I take that back with me to the studio, and when I start a writing session I remember those talks and use them to inspire my songs. I love that moment when we find out we are all in some way connected.

What was there a central theme “Revolution”? Were you trying to make a statement with that album? Also with the upcoming release “Alpha?” You see the time between both releases a period of creative growth with your music?  Has anything changed for you?

With “Revolution” I wanted to let people know that I was going to fight for my place in this industry. I sang about that in that albums’ first single, “Backlash.” With “Alpha” I’m letting people know that we’re here and we’re not going anywhere! And by that I mean everyone who has ever felt like they didn’t belong or didn’t matter (including myself). I discovered a completely different confidence inside me while recording this album, and I hope the listener hears that and finds the same within themselves.

How do you choose collaborators to work with on your music in the studio? What do you look for? What is your process in writing songs?

I love collaborating with artists and musicians who are nothing like me—I learn so much that way. If I only worked with pop artists, my music would probably sound generic and manufactured. When I write, record and produce with someone who is my total opposite musically, something great happens: We find a common ground, a bridge of sorts, that unites us as individuals. I love that because it comes through in the music we create.

What do you love most about performing live before live audiences and how do you go about creating your stage show.

The energy you get from your audience when you step out onto a stage. There is no other feeling like it! I love looking into an audience filled with happy faces—that’s what does it for me. Whenever I start the creative process of putting together a show, I always think of those moments from past tours and I find ways to make more of them. I love production and I know my audience does too, so I make sure there are lots of costumes, props, lighting, sound and theatrics. I want all of it, especially when it makes so many people happy!

What is next for Dario?

Right now promoting and touring “Alpha” is all I have on my mind for the next couple of months. The Alpha Tour starts June 30th in Hollywood, CA, and it runs until the end of the year. After that, the sky is only the beginning LOL!