DADDY (Franco/O’Keefe) premiere NSFW Video


Daddy – I’m A Sword Swallower (Prince Rama Remix) NSFW
Directed and shot by James Franco,
at the Chateau Marmont, Hollywood


Daddy  (Tim O’Keefe and James Franco) released their video for I’m A Sword Swallower on YouTube.  The track is from their album Let Me Get What I Want,  released in March of this year.

Actor, filmmaker, writer, artist, academic, and activist Franco, can also add musician to the list. The duo met at Rhode Island School of Design and Daddy is not their only collaboration. Franco and O’Keefe first paired up for Franco’s art exhibition in 2011, Endless Idaho at  Gagosian Gallery in L.A.

Musician O’Keefe is the mind behind <tfo> music project; he lends his technique and technology based ambience to this art-rock project. He creates the balance that sculpts of the band’s musical texture.

Franco’s vocals and words with O’Keefe’s music carve an atmospheric and expansive audible landscape. The work is reminiscent of the Smiths in feel, yet the electronic elements and samples are decidedly of this era. The nod to the Smiths is not coincidental.  Franco’s 2014 book of poetry, Directing Herbert White, featured several poems expressing admiration for the music of the Smiths. And now Daddy’s album Let Me Get What I Want even features Smiths bassist Andy Rourke on the recordings.

The video features actors in creepy transparent face masks. They perform acts seemingly under the guise of a homemade or low-budget porno at the famous Chateau Marmont. The psycho-sexual bedlam with themes of fetish, strap-ons, ritualistic cutting, threesomes, and sex dolls attempts to explore deeper contextual meaning than suggested at face value.  The video in its broader physical attributes of editing/composition/art direction is quite fitting of two art-school grads.

James says about the video: “Everything gets wild at the Chateau Marmont. Bungalow 2, where they rehearsed Rebel Without a Cause in the 50s and Nicholas Ray had his affair with young Natalie Wood. Some hippies threw a party, and things got wild.”

Tim says about the track: “Prince Rama’s remix creates the perfect soundtrack for our short film that explores gender, power play, and Hollywood lore in a cinematic psychedelic dream. Prince Rama and Daddy are a match made in heaven.”

The surreal visuals of the various kaleidoscope, blur, digital noise, and static techniques used throughout compliment the song nicely. However, the more bizarre and incongruent content is a distraction from the song itself. Does the title I’m A Sword Swallower call for gratuitous sexual content? I wonder? Keeping in mind the two creators, this might be just as they intended.

Daddy’s debut album Let Me Get What I Want is available in a limited edition delicious dark pink vinyl and the regular album is available here

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