David and The Curse

Q&A with David Stücken of David and The Curse

David Stücken of LA-based rock band David and The Curse, is passionate about his craft and performing live. The singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer is currently promoting his debut album, “Epitaph For Love” due out early 2017.  Stücken, is a grounded and down-to-earth artist, that draws source material from his personal life to fuel his upcoming release “filled with gritty rock tales told through the lens of an anti-hero.” Recently, Stücken spoke to theartofla about pursuing music at a young age, performing alongside TSOL, The Buzzcocks and Social Distortion, the greater deeper meaning behind “Epitaph For Love” and more.
David and The Curse
What lead you to pursue music at 12?

Music has always meant everything to me. Playing music was the only thing that ever made sense. Writing songs has always been my therapy.

Which song do you remember most from your childhood?

“Lady Stardust” by David Bowie.

Did that song have a significant impact on you as your emerged as a singer, songwriter and music?

Yes, Bowie was one of my first influences as a songwriter and performer in general.

How did you get to play alongside TSOL, The Buzzocks and Social Distortion?

By paying my dues and putting the time in and earning their respect.

What did you take from the experience playing with those bands?

Humility and respect for the music industry.

Where they any lessons you learned about the music industry with that kind of exposure?

Yes: To respect the crowd. A musician is only as strong as the people who follow them or listen to them.

What was the strangest thing you have been inspired by?


Do you feel hard living, lost love and personal setbacks are the greatest sources of lyrical inspiration for songwriting?

Yes, it’s difficult to write if you’re always completely happy and content. Unless you’re writing children’s music.

Your debut album An Epitaph For Love – due out early 2017- is a pretty heavy album title. Is that a statement for where you are at emotionally now in regard to relationships?

It goes deeper than just me. It’s also a reflection of the unstable world we live in today.
David and The Curse
Do you dream in color or black and white?

My dreams are usually about my life and my fears and loves.

If you could have any musical instrument in the world, which one would it be?

My voice.

If you were able to sit under the table and listen to any two people speak who would it be? And why?

My grandparents because I never knew them.

What do you think are the cool things to see and do in Los Angeles and Orange County?

Don’t drink and drive. Go to the beach and relax. The beach is always free.

If you could take only 10 albums to a desert island what would they be?

The Rolling Stones- Let It Bleed
Don Henley-Building The Perfect Beast
The Rolling Stones-Some Girls
John Lennon- plastic Ono band (first solo record)
Tom Petty-Wildflowers
Tom Petty-Full Moon Fever
Social Distortion- Mommy’s Little Monster
Social Distortion- White Light White Heat White Trash
Percy Sledge- Singles collection
Lightin Hopkins- singles

Do you enjoy being in the studio and recording music or touring more and why?

They’re both very different. Bottom line is I love and live music and enjoy it all.