Jordan Alexander

A chat with Jordan Alexander

Vancouver, BC-born Jordan Alexander is an up-and-coming sultry singer/songwriter receiving accolades her live performances and touted as the “Next Gay Pop Star.” Alexander’s personal material is heartfelt and the songs themselves offer catchy, memorable choruses to back them up. Alexander has already shared the stage with Tegan and Sara and UK star Jess Glynne along with appearing and performing at Pride events in Columbus, Ohio and Toronto last year. The young artist is now promoting her debut album, “The Lonely Hearts Club.” www,theartofla,com recently spoke to Jordan Alexander via email interview about the new LP and its lyrical inspirations, musical role models in the gay community and more

When did you know you wanted to be a singer/songwriter?

I have been writing songs since 2011, but I realized I wanted to be a songwriter when I was writing songs in 2015 that I really loved. Those songs got put on my album The Lonely Hearts Club.

Are you from a musical family? If you are, did they influence in you in anyway?

My dad sings and plays guitar and my older sister used to do a lot of musical theater, but mostly my friend Jose influenced me because she wrote songs.

Do you have musical role models in the gay community? Who are they and why did they inspire you?

Beth Ditto, Angel Haze, Billie Holiday, Halsey and Tegan and Sara. They inspire me because they would rather be themselves.

Are you proud of being touted as the next gay pop star and why?

Yes, that’s a very nice thing for someone to say about me. I like that prophecy.

Why title you debut album “The Lonely Hearts Club?” ┬áIt sounds downbeat. Have you experience a lot of heartbreak and you think it makes for engaging, emotional songs?

I named it that because I liked the sound of it, and I had also come up with a visual (that is the album cover) that I thought was cool. I haven’t had my heart broken yet, but I can be very sensitive. Someone ditching me was what inspired The Lonely Hearts Club song in first place but then it started to become representative of how I felt like I was being kept from happiness because I was gay. I really relate to music that has a deep emotional feeling, that feeling could be a happy one too though.

What was it like opening for Jess Glynne and Tera and Sara? Did they offer you any career advice? What was it like performing in front of their audiences and the response you got?

It was amazing, I love those artists particularly Tegan and Sara. I spoke to Jess Glynne only very briefly but she was cool and nice. I didn’t get to actually speak to Tegan and Sara but when they were performing I was in the crowd being very enthusiastic and Tegan pointed at me and gave me a thumbs up so I feel like she was saying “follow your dreams, you’re really great.” probably. It was great performing for their crowds and I got a lot of positive feedback, it was a good fit for me.

You performed at two Pride events last Summer. Was it you first time and what was it like for you as a gay woman and musical performer?

Yes I did, it was my first time performing at Columbus Ohio Pride but not Toronto. I performed at Toronto Pride once before. I really like performing at Pride celebrations because it’s a very fun

accepting crowd, I don’t have to worry if people are going to judge me for having blue hair because that’s the least interesting thing you’ll see at Pride. As a musical performer, it’s a really great opportunity because the exposure is huge.

If you were able to sit under the table and listen to any two people speak who would it be? And why?

I really like Russell Brand because he is making an effort to change his misogynistic tendencies and he is very honest. Elaine Welteroth is doing great things mixing fashion and beauty with politics and activism. I think it’s important to know that those things are not mutually exclusive. I bet they would talk about feminism.

What you like to do in your spare time when you’re not performing or writing songs?

I really love to read, I read as much as I can. Also I like to watch stand up comedy.

What do you think are the cool things to see and do in Canada?

Go to Book City in Toronto, Ontario and go to the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. I stay inside a lot so these might not be best suggestions.