Charity Ekeke

Insights of Charity Ekeke

Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Charity Ekeke dabbles in a variety of musical styles that recall the work of Sade, Sharon Jones, Peter Gabriel and Whitney Houston. In the fall of 2016, Ekeke released her 11-song debut album, “She” where Charity tackles myriad of personal, socially and politically-charged topics. The poised and self-assured artist recently spoke to about the reemergence of her career in the music industry after raising a family as a single mother, Donald Trump, writing about things that matter to her most and those subjects that remain relevant in society no matter the era or time, being a multi-genre artist and how it gives her the flexibility and opportunity to reach more audiences and remain original at the same time and discussed the contribution of one of her children who sang backup vocals on the new CD.

You write very timely and relevant songs especially about birth control and Syrian migration and abuse of woman globally. Have you always been on top what is going on in the news and current events?

Thank you so very much for the opportunity. I take this leading sentence as a compliment and I thank you for the compliment.  Well, I don’t make a conscientious effort to be on top of the news and current events. However, I like listening to an objective news source.

What do you think about the upcoming administration with President-elect Donald Trump and his cabinet appointees?

Mr. Donald Trump is now the President-elect of this great country. We have to keep an open mind and give him and his administration the chance to govern. It is neither good for our country nor for him for us to start predicting what he is going to do before he starts to govern. There is too much unhealthy division in our country as it is.

You feel even that three songs you wrote 20 years ago, you were ahead or your time or a trailblazer? Did you have that sense of feeling?

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same. That may be what it is. I was really surprised to see how relevant those three songs are today. These are things that were important to me at the time that the three songs were initially written and are still important today. I think this is why it is important to be true to yourself in whatever you do.

Were you always supported and encouraged by your family to be creative even though you had the responsibility of raising a family? Obviously, you knew one day you would be putting your full energy into pursuing your passion?

My family always supports and encourages me. They even contributed to the production of my CD. One of my children was my backup singer during production. I put a lot of things on hold while I was raising my children as a single parent because their well-being was my priority. Now, they are well-adjusted and self-directed, I have completed my moral and legal responsibilities, I have my life back. As far as they are concerned, I am free to do whatever my heart desires.

Do you think you are spreading yourself too thin being a multi-gene artist or do you think the audience will embrace your diversity as in the spice of life?

I don’t believe that I am spreading myself thin by having a multi-genre album. I like variety of music. I think it is good to have an album with different types of music so that opens people up to other possibilities and prevents the album from being boring. This gives an artist more options for future projects. I think the audience will embrace the diversity as in the spice of life like you said.

What would you say to artists like yourself who are older and starting out later in life to have a career in music? What would you be your advice?

It is not only starting out later in life in a career in music but in anything, especially in a creative career. I say, go for it. I feel such peace and contentment when participating in the creative process. For me, creating content that I am passionate about gives me joy. Therefore, one should follow their passion irrespective of their age. I think, at a mature age, you are much more appreciative of your abilities with a participating presence, than at a much younger age. I think it behooves all of us to follow what we are passionate about most especially when we are pursuing a second career. This makes for a more joyful and fulfilling life.,


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