Avalon Landing

Avalon Landing at the Viper Room

Avalon Landing
Viper Room, Hollywood
Friday, February 10, 2017


Sin City residents, Avalon Landing played quick and early set at the Viper Room. Just as the club was starting its night. The small crowd in attendance was treated to a sonic feast. Band members  Charlie Buice, Clayton Cobb, Josh Rabenold, Mike Vargovich offered a tasty sample of their indie rock vibe. Playing songs that were well crafted, nicely executed and fun to listen to.  The Avalon Landing sound isn’t easily typified into a sound or single sphere of musical influence. In their sounds went from boldly chaotic, to dreamlike, and occasionally hooky.

Most of the songs seemed to ebb and flow with varying levels to their nicely crafted arrangements.  This description may perhaps give you the feeling that they are somewhat prog-esque, or even that I have lent some sort of pretension to their songwriting. This is not what I am getting at.  As a matter of fact, the songs are quite relatable and given to pockets of grooves that just draw you in. My description was merely to illustrate that the music of Avalon Landing is not one dimensional.  Being the first time having seen or heard this band, it was hard to get a feel for what the lyrical content was driving at. That was of little consequence since the songs themselves were so enjoyable to listen to.

The band will be back in the LA area on Saturday,  March 18th  to play the Troubador, check them out and see for yourself. In the meantime, you can find them on the net and check out the official video to their radio single below.