Talking Indie-pop with FLAUNT

FLAUNT is indie, pop, rock, acoustic, electronic and alternative music-influenced duo features Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito. The eclectic duo thrives on challenging themselves as artists and exploring new territory that comes with freedom of delving uninhibited into the creative process. Focusing on “art for the thrill of it” without no preset boundaries is what informs the spontaneous and freewheeling direction of their music. Recently the www.theartofla.com spoke to Justin and Joseph learning how the duo met and commonalities they share as artists, their musical influences, their latest EP, “The Antics of More Youthful Times,” and more.

How did you both meet and form FLAUNT?

Flaunt started as a solo act aka Joseph who lives in Maine. When Joseph was looking for a vocalist to contribute to two tracks on the CODON album, he contacted Justin (who is in Colorado) after knowing his music from Soundcloud. Through musical chemistry and the realization that we both love music, the creative process, and exploring new musical challenges, we decided to work together as FLAUNT. Fortunately, the two of us have a very similar work ethic.

Who did you grow up listening to and who were your musical influences?

Joseph: Radiohead, Madonna, Björk, New Order, Lindström

Justin: Incubus, Muse. Tool.

Can you talk more about your philosophy making music that is art and song cycles in the day in age where the album has declared “dead?”This hits a nerve for us. We’ve read (countless times) that “the album is dead.” Maybe from a commercial aspect, it is accepted as fact.

But from a creative standpoint, it is not dead. It depends on what we want to do as artists, what story we want to tell both lyrically and sonically. We have the luxury of recording what we want how we want without forcing analytics in our faces to “guide” us. We can focus

on the art for the thrill of it, for the pure drive to create and enjoy the process and the results.

Writing and recording an album incorporating vocals and guitars is something FLAUNT only experimented on two singles initially but now you both have taken it to another level on CODON and Rave Noir. Do you both feel those experiments have paid off creatively as well as reached a new, broader audience?

Definitely! We are so fortunate to have no boundaries and the drive to keep seeking the next great song! It’s exhilarating to know we can go off into different genres … and hope the listeners take the ride with us. Of course, there have been some critics who have said “they are all over the place” or “lack focus”… but as you may have seen quoted in other interviews, we wanted RAVE NOIR, for example, to specifically feel like radio stations of the 70s or 80s when different genres of music infiltrated pop music stations. Rock, country, disco, etc.

The latest EP, The Antics of More Youthful Times, I sense a theme a more carefree sensibility and playfulness?

YES!!! You “get us”! We despite the carefree nature, we were also experimenting more within the lines of current pop “trends” (for example on the song Something Different). It’s okay to be a brooding rocker and a dance music god, isn’t it?

How do you both decide what covers you re-record and put your own spin on them?

We both take an active role in picking songs that mean something to either one of us and just go for it… “flaunt it up” a bit! It’s very invigorating to take someone’s lyrics and re-interpret them.

How did Roger Capps get in touch with you both? What was that like? Are you big Pat Benatar fans?

Wow! Roger is the nicest man. And what a musician! He was turned on to our cover of MY CLONE SLEEPS ALONE through members of the Pat Benatar Fan Club on Facebook and he gave us a shout out! Pat Benatar was a trailblazer in the 80s and still remains a powerhouse performer. Thinking back to her LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD release or when she began incorporating keyboards into her music… she broke down many walls as far as mixing genres. Not to mention that she did things on her own terms.

What where do you draw your inspiration to make videos and short films?
It’s hard to explain where the inspiration arises… it’s like the idea for a new song, a new sound, lyric. There is this little seed in the brain that says “I want to create” and something just sprouts from it. I think specific inspirations likely come from what’s happening socially or even visually in film.

Would say it’s as exciting or interesting as writing and recording music as a creative outlet?
NO WAY! There is something cathartic about doing a video or film, but it has become more of a laborious process than fun. We have started to pull away a bit from that as a co-channel of expression for FLAUNT. We would love for the music to stand on its own. The MTV and YouTube heydays seem to be over.

Can you give hint or preview of you are working for the next full album? Is it a continuation of what you are made before or a departure?

We can let you know the album is SPECTRA, is very colorful, and picks up where “Antics…” left off… but really is a perfect cross between RAVE NOIR and “Antics…” with some very interesting surprises.

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