Norwegian Artists Coucheron and ARY Collaborate for Summertime Single

Grammy-nominated Norwegian producer, Coucheron, and Norwegian singer, ARY, collaborated for new single, “High By the Riverside.” With powerful, sweeping synths, accompanied by a bouncy bass, the song evokes summer night vibes.

Coucheron’s production stands out particularly in the way he utilizes breaks in the beat and melodies. The silent, empty spaces act as beats of their own, giving the song a bubbly quality. ARY’s sweet and light vocals compliment the more complex production. The song closes with lush harmonies.

“I’ve been fortunate to work a lot with ARY this past year, mostly on her stuff,” Coucheron told The Line of Best Fit, “But in this case, we both felt this would be a song for me. I immediately bonded with the storytelling in this song and felt it belonged in my universe, so I did my best to compliment her beautiful vocals.”

Coucheron reached top chart popularity on Hypemachine for his previous songs “Loud” and “Barely Floating,” boasting over 20 million streams across music streaming platforms. Spotify has aided in his streaming popularity and featured his tracks in their New Music Friday Playlist in the US and Europe. Coucheron’s music has also recently garnered attention from popular music publications including Billboard and FADER.

“High By the Riverside” is available on Toothfairy now.

You can find Coucheron on the web: Facebook /  SoundCloud / Official