Waters at the Roxy

The Roxy
Thursday, June 8, 2017

WATERS frontman/vocal/guitarist Van Pierszalowski announced from the stage at The Roxy that the band hasn’t performed live in a year. This probably fueled more interest to see the band live. There was a capacity crowd at this show. The response was positive throughout the night. Nearly everyone on the stage floor was dancing in sync to the music and having a great time. Fans were excitedly and cheerfully hugging it out with their friends when they heard a song they really liked and connected with. The sing-along aspect with big melodies punctuated by catchy choruses is the hook.

WATERS were solid technically showcasing material (“bittersweet lyrics dealing with heartbreak and hope” and “gut-punch and wake-up call to Pierszalowski’s younger self’) from their newly-released album, “Something More!” and their sophomore LP, “What’s Real,” with a lot of varied, creative textures and nuances peeking through the dynamic songs that are clearly geared toward mass appeal and radio acceptance. The energy level was high through the show with a lot of wild, kinetic energy and unabashed passion coming from all band members who were jumping and moving furiously around the stage.

WATERS is a five-member-band featuring the talents of guitarist Brian DaMert, bassist Greg Sellin, drummer Andrew Wales and keyboard Sara DeMert who plays keyboards and shook a tambourine with vigor and intensity. DeMert really stood out providing quirky and offbeat backing vocals in contrast to Pierszalowski who has clear and earnest tenor combined with a dash of grit. With painted glitter teardrops under both eyes, DeMert would make faces clowning around while singing throwing out roses to out to the crowd.  The audience eagerly made their way to the front stage to catch one. There were bright and colorful balloons hanging around the stage and one shaped like a “W” for WATERS.

While the show as a whole was an enjoyable musical experience and visually entertaining to watch, there were times during the performance the momentum was lost and the set just lagged in parts. Some of the songs were better than others and some less driving and urgent and more on the mid-tempo side didn’t have the bite of the others. Still, being away from the concert circuit for a while hasn’t changed the fact WATERS are a high-caliber band that proven they’re staying power and potency having toured the likes of Weezer, Sara and Tegan and Matt and Kim.

WATERS set list

Molly is a Babe
What’s Real
You Don’t Know What You Want
Something More
Modern dilemma
O holy break of day
Mom and dads
Stand by you

Got to my head
I feel everything

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