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Kylie Hughes – Album Review


Singer/songwriter/guitar Kylie Hughes delivers, for the most part, a satisfying and impressive debut album with 12 songs cover the rock, pop, folk and country genres exploring what is personal in the young artist’s life so far. The material is often fun and playful. Three songs in, the material sounds slick, well-produced and is very commercial. Each number is incredibly catchy.

By the third song, the tone takes more of a dramatic turn that makes one stand up and really notice. The material becomes deeper, more poignant with simplified, pared-down production style placing the material front and center. Hughes’ vocal performance is given a real workout and test. For the most part, she sings in a breathy and girlish voice. But by the third song, there is really a change. Hughes starts to sing differently. She really challenges herself with the more complicated material in which she shows more maturity and depth in her singing but with a world-weariness that belies her years. Yet, Kylie is never “the victim” in her songs and comes out of most difficult situations a better person and stronger.

Having sung the National Anthem before a John Mayer concert, shared the stage with the Beach Boys, Jewel to name a few high-profile performances, Kylie Hughes is an artist on the rise and one to watch for.

Kylie Hughes LP tracks

Gotta Get Out
Leave It Alone
Love Somebody Else
Always On Your Side
Little Did You Know
Dead or Alive
Uh Huh
Free Fallin
I Can’t Believe We’re in Love
Forever is a Long Way to Fly