The Dollyrots

The Dollyrots at The Roxy

The Dollyrots delivered a brisk, high-spirited and raw 30-minute set at The Roxy on June 29th — the first show of two-night, sold-out stint, opening for the legendary punk band from Manchester, England, The Buzzcocks. The Dollyrots previously toured with The Buzzcocks in 2010.

Recently, The Dollyrots wrapped up the second leg of a national tour promoting their sixth studio album, Whiplash Splash, which was completely fan-funded. The Dollyrots are a husband and wife duo consisting of guitarist and vocalist Luis Cabezas, and vocalist and bassist Kelly Ogden. The band offers up likable, catchy punk-inspired tunes that are both hard rocking and poppy at the same time. The Dollyrots perform with a great sense of humor, combining an irresistible mix of sneering attitude and swagger. This keeps the group from being too nice, safe and mainstream, but always accessible on some level.

The set culled material from the duo’s past musical efforts in addition to some new songs. The Dollyrots have experienced long-term success and popularity in the music industry. Over the span of their 15-year career, the band has performed at high-profile festivals and worked with impressive co-headliners. They also have had their songs featured in both film and TV shows.

Ogden, with her trademark wavy blonde locks now dyed green, and Cabezas, with his jet black hair cropped into a frohawk, have an edgy look that stands out, managing to contrast and yet compliment one another. Onstage, they have a dynamic chemistry that is playfully fun and sassy.

A number of the concertgoers in the audience were clearly there to support The Dollyrots, who have a devoted and ardent fan base here in Los Angeles. Ogden proudly wore her “I Love L.A.” T-shirt honoring the band’s past roots in the city and the many fans that have come out to The Dollyrots shows over the years. As their set drew to a close, Ogden announced from the stage that she and Cabezas would be at the merchandise booth afterward to hang out and sign albums and posters. She stressed that they were really nice and approachable and looked forward to meeting fans one on one.

Though their set was short, it was tight and memorable like a blast of kinetic energy exploding on the stage. The Dollyrots brought the musical goods like the seasoned pros they are and whetted the audience’s appetite for more.