Album Review – ‘Colorful Radiation’ by Sluka

The modern-day renaissance man/San Diego artist Sluka is literally a one-man band. The talented, diverse and highly creative Sluka sings and plays guitar, piano, drums, violin, trumpet, trombone, French Horn, ukelele and synthesizer. On his newest work of musical exploration, he blends retro and modern rock influences on his intriguing record, “Colorful Radiation.”

Having lived all over the world, it is clear that Sluka has absorbed his vast cultural surroundings, but has still managed to put his own indelible stamp on the songs and arrangements. Sluka avoids the pitfall of the music sounding too derivative; however, at times the songs do come off as a bit too self important and grandiose. Yet, the lush and multi-layered production of his 12th and newest LP is aural and sonic ear candy that is as irresistible as it is charming.

Past and present merge together into an original product with nods to Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, The Beatles, Radiohead and, particularly, David Bowie. There is something that every music listener will find appealing and interesting, though this is hardly a commercial, mainstream album. Instead, “Colorful Radiation” stands out as theatrical, melodic, spacey and psychedelic.

Sluka’s latest project will be part of a visual album which will be shot in 3D and released as a combination 3D, 4K, and Blu-Ray package slated for an Amazon sales release in late summer.

You can stream the album via Bandcamp below.

Music Video: Number One by Sluka