Low Hums

Low Hums – Album Review

Low Hums

Seattle, Washington’s Low Hums has a band moniker that sounds like they fly under the radar but their accessible yet eclectic sound serves notice they are far from doing that. The four-piece group makes a strong impression with second LP “Night Magic Wine” due for release on August 25. “Night Magic Wine” offers up a catchy and melodic pastiche of psychedelia, alternative, garage and surf-inspired rock music. Not overplayed or underplayed but just right in the comfortable middle, the songs grab the listener with memorable arrangements that make for a listenable sonic experience.

The most remarkable thing about that album is that Jack Endino (Nirvana, Tad, Screaming) produced it so the expectations would seem very high. It certainly wasn’t a deterrent because LowHums do rise to the occasion just being themselves and true to their own muse. The result is a solid effort. There is no obvious attempt to try to live up the legacy of Seattle’s grunge giants that came before them. In turn, Endino’s natural approach seems to merely guide them in the studio, helping to shape and refine their sound further, and hone in the distinctive qualities the Low Hums possess.

Sans for a few offbeat/concept song titles, the 10-track album is a relatively straightforward collection of good material that is most notable for the fervent and muscular performances.