Miriam Tamar

Miriam Tamar – EP review

Personal and political themes inform singer/songwriter Miriam Tamar’s EP inviting Firedance. The music is jaunty, upbeat and seductive lulling the listener in immediately with percussive, hypnotic world beat and synth rhythms. Tamar’s lovely voice is like honey and just as sweet. “Firedance also features the creative input of Leon Mobley from Ben Harper’s Innocent Criminals, Keith Jones and Michael McGregor.

The EP is described as “four thought-provoking tracks about the power of metamorphosis and the universal quest to find a sense of meaning in the midst of chaos.” Tamar is global student that has a quest for deeper knowledge and understanding. Her music, travel and humanitarian work has become a staple of her existence, and as a result, the perceptive Tamar has developed “a deep appreciation for diversity and an awareness of the different ways people live, struggle and find solutions.” Particularly when she moved to rural post-conflict Uganda to work in a peace education program. That was the genesis for the lyrical and melodic inspiration to compose new material. In 2014, Tamar went into a studio make “Firedance.”

Each of the four tracks on the EP shows the promise of this emerging to watch for talent. Some of the choruses are a bit simplistic and repetitious, but for the most part, the sentiments come across as heartfelt and sincere and deliver a powerful message.

Miriam Tamar will be performing at Silverlake Lounge on August 23.

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