Album Review – New Mistakes by Terra Lightfoot

Singer/songwriter/guitar Terra Lightfoot draws on rock, soul and blues music on her satisfying, upcoming full-length album New Mistakes — due for release on October 13th via Sonic Unyon records. With this record, Lightfoot demonstrates her prowess on the Gibson SG which powers the strong bluesy material, allowing listeners to experience the roots rocker’s personal and heady journey through lonely highways, rundown dive bars, endless prairie skies to mountain ranges and the Mojave Desert.

Lightfoot expertly adapts between graceful melodies touched by poignancy and vulnerability as well as rollicking, rowdy songs with torrents of hook-filled choruses, creating a balanced, well rounded record. There are a number of strong and memorable tracks (“Paradise” “Pinball King,” “Ruthless” and “Stars Over Dakota”) but the number that stands out the most is “Two Hearts.” This track features a throwback doo-wop feel and knockout vocal performance by Lightfoot which showcases her impressive singing range and versatility.

Supporting Lightfoot on the new album is stalwart accompaniment provided by Maury LaFoy on bass, Joel Haynes on drums and Jeff Heisholt on keyboards — a combination which give the arrangements a further punch and killer sound.

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New Mistakes track list:

1. Paradise

2. Pinball King

3. Ruthless

4. You Get High

5. Stars Over Dakota

6. Norma Gale

7. Hold You

8. Slicked Back Kid

9. Drifter

10. Two Hearts

11. Three In The Morning