Concert Review – Zander Bleck at The Sayer’s Club

The question could be posed as to why Zander Bleck isn’t famous or a star yet. The New Jersey-born singer/songwriter seems to have it all: great looks, a commanding and charismatic stage presence and a strong, soaring voice to kill for. He could sing anything and it probably would sound amazing. Zander is a versatile and accomplished vocalist. Zander also has plenty of sex appeal, swagger and confidence moving easily about the large stage with sinewy moves that can literally raise pulses. His explosive set at the Sayer’s Club on Thursday night demonstrated Zander has musical chops galore, and an accessible sound and style that is made for radio airplay.

The leather-clad frontman is supported ably by his backing band offer up strong, dynamic and textured accompaniment. Zander is a smart guy surrounding himself with some excellent players ( Chris Declercq (guitar), Matt Chiarelli (bass), Michael Odabashian (drums) and Louis Middleton (keyboards) to compliment his inherent talent.

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Zander also spoke about the ups and downs he has faced in the music industry. He then went on to express excitement about current and future possibilities, including working on new material –some performed for the first time in public at the Sayer’s Club — and creating new videos for songs. Among these new songs was “Alive” and “Mercy Me.” For the latter, he asked the audience to stand as if (he said in jest) it was for the National Anthem. Zander told everyone that in a year “Mercy Me” was going to be a big hit. He knows music and he felt this song was the “one” potential to take him to the next level in his career.

As for the other original material in the set, the songs were good — decent enough on the whole, but hardly bound to make him a household name or break any significant ground as a artist. However, Zander’s covers of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and U2’s “Streets Have No Name” were outstanding. His renditions were very well done and he did really put a bit of a fresh spin on them that transcended the original songs.

Enough can’t be said about Zander Bleck’s greatness as a singer and performer. He would make an excellent opening act for a national artist on the road, a move that would hopefully lead to Zander gaining more exposure in the music industry. As soon as he comes up with a more substantial catalog of solid, memorable songs then surely Zander can present the total package to an audience on his own headlining tour. That is a real possibility based on his show at the Sayer’s Club.

Set List

Do You Remember
Don’t Sweat It
Where The Streets Have No Name- U2 cover
Dream On – Aerosmith cover
Mercy Me