Review – Monster Energy Outbreak Tour at The Comedy Store

No subject was off limits or taboo at the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour that made a stop at The Comedy Store on September 5. The tour featured rising standup star Tony Hinchcliffe as headliner and also showcased outlandish and over-the-top performances by well-known and emerging comedic talents in their own right: Joe Rogan, Brendan Schaub, Jeremiah Watkins, Sam Tripoli, Greg Fitzsimmons, and Brenton Biddlecombe.

Comedian, Tony Hinchcliffe.

Sex, blow jobs, threesomes, weed, pedophilia, gay people, women, children, people of color and various ethnic groups were all hot button topics on the front burner of the freewheeling, wild and no-holds barred show. There was a lot of aggressive, testosterone energy on that stage — what unfolded was a proverbial experimental laboratory for all the comedians to act as mad scientists as they tried out their subversive, inflammatory material on the young, hip audience, who indeed seemed receptive and eager for the comedians to bring the laughs to the forefront.

Schaub, a former Heavyweight UFC fighter, a former professional football player for the AFL’s Utah Blaze, and former member of the Buffalo Bills practice squad, used the serious nature of a possible brain injury to find humor in his life, as well as use it to his advantage in various life situations.

Rogan told the audience he thinks professional wrestling is gay. He then told them how he got “shit” for his views on social media and that is he is not a homophobe. Rogan explained way the wrestlers pin each other down and dress “screams gay” in his opinion.

Watkins, the next Jim Carrey, hilariously described being at the wedding of a friend with his fiancé. What followed was the ensuing exaggerated insanity of explaining being a “fiancé” to your friends with crazy, demented body language and facial expressions that bordered being in a horror movie.

Tripoli spoke about a time when we was asked to be the MC at a kinky party for a punk rock star, when he all of a sudden found himself the unwitting object of desire of a “transvestite.” He spoke about how that took him out of his comfort zone as a heterosexual man.

Fitzsimmons talked about being a voyeur at a hotel watching a couple have sex and then going to where there room was to listen by their door. He then decided to go back to his room to call the couple while they were in mid-orgasm.

Biddlecombe, probably the youngest comedian of the night’s lineup, spoke about auditioning for a children’s show. He was instructed to be careful about stating his real age and was advised that giving that information can create the wrong impression, especially to naive minors.

Politics and current events had place in the show, too. The headliner, Hinchcliffe, cleverly and astutely touched on the antagonistic and always volatile relationship between U.S. and North Korea. It’s clear the cool and confident Hinchcliffe doesn’t believe in fake news or the mainstream media’s take on the world stage. Rather, he instead seeks his news from alternative media sources. On a much lighter note, he also spoke of how hot he thought Melania Trump was next to Eleanor Roosevelt and how he would definitely have sex with her. A routine about group texting took the banal situation to a whole other level when dealing with what could have potentially been a crime — and the joke turns out to be on all parties involved.

The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour had a very decidedly throwback feel vibe to it engaging with the audience making them feel part of the show in a way they may or may not have wanted to be. People were singled out randomly and sometimes you saw it coming based on how they looked or who they were sitting next to. It was almost expected that person would be the next to be questioned, or called out and/or made fun of. Overall, those singled out were really good sports and seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a great time.