The Hard Times Comedy Room at High and Low Festival

tHeARTofLA got to check out The Hard Times Comedy Room at High and Low Festival on Saturday, September 9th at the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino, CA. Headliners in the comedy room included Kurt Braunholer, Mike Lawrence, Cameron Esposito and Guy Branum.

The inaugural High & Low Festival hosted by K-ROQ was an exciting hotbed for alternative and indie music on multiple stages inside and outside along with live comedy curated by The Hard Times featuring popular and emerging talents in San Bernardino at NOS Event Center on September 9. The comedy acts will be reviewed in a separate article following this overview of the bands that performed at the High & Low Festival.

At 3 p.m., we headed over to the comedy room to catch hilarious performances by Kurt Braunholer, Dave Ross, Janine Brito and Jay Shingle. JMB was the host.

JMB had the packed crowd roaring with laughter talking about religion, punks, white privilege, marriage, polyamory and having sex with a woman on her period.

Jay Shingle is a comedian from Portland, Oregon who has a very unusual comedy act and uses weird props and spoke in an equally strange voice reciting most of his jokes on a crumpled legal notebook. He had a bag with his props and costumes in and he changed on stage to go his bizarre characters/personas.

Janine Brito has been described as a sarcastic, snarky smart bomb of comedy funk straight from the 80′s. Brito is part of the alternative comedy scene. The focus of her comedic material tends to be on issues of gender, race and her sexuality. It was definitely the central theme of her stand-up bit at the comedy show. These themes were a part of this show as well as she talked about dressing like a senator’s son and wearing a necktie.

Dave Ross is a Los Angeles based comedian known for being in a sketch group called WOMEN that makes sketches for Comedy Central and IFC’s Comedy Crib. He also hots the podcast Terrified and the Nerdist Network. Ross was voted in 2017 by Time Out as the one to watch. Ross had everyone cracking him with his acerbic wit which was sharp and forthright. He mediated on desert punks and the room where the comedy event was held comparing it to a place where you hold old men’s birthday parties.

Kurt Braunolder was recently named of Time Out NY’s “50 Funniest New Yorkers,” as well as a “Comic to Watch” by Comedy Center and the New York Comedy Festival. Kurt has been seen (or heard) on TV in Bob’s Burgers (FOX), Delocated (Adult Swim), The Heart She Holler (Adult Swim) Comedy Central Presents, Jon Benjamin Has a Van (Comedy Central), Assy McGee (Adult Swim), John Oliver Presents (Comedy Central), Human Giant (MTV) and the anti-game show he hosts, BUNK! on IFC. He can also be heard on the radio on This American Life talking about relationship Rumspringa. He was recently starred in “The Big Sick.”

Again jokes about the comedy room were part of the show. Braunohler found humor comparing the room to a place where 12 step meetings were held and people can play Game of Thrones. He also ruminated on becoming a dad and being terrified to raise a daughter in a hostile environment with Donald Trump as president. Also joked about his life catching up with his looks. He told a very long story about seeing Dinosaur Jr in concert and watching Mike Watt from The Minutemen perform and encountering a woman in the crowd who he initially that was Watt’s wife but the saxophone player’s wife and he described why he hates the saxophone and their use in rock bands. Also, people in the crowd around him blocking his view of the show with cell phones pointed right in his face including the saxophone player’s wife who also had an awkward encounter with on the way to the green room where the bands congregated.


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