Post Capa


This outdoor multimedia installation and performance is faux-tour that manifests a threshold between the visible and invisible;
a zone where ships in the night, cranes in the distance, and thousands of containers move in a symphony. 
Capa, Spanish for “layer,” results in an abstracted landscape guided by intersections of the Los Angeles Harbor and beyond. 
PORT CAPA is part of PST LA/LA, an initiative of the Getty. 
PORT CAPA will take place Saturday, October 21st at 6 pm at Angels Gate Cultural Center
When you arrive, please follow the signs for parking on site
Wear warm clothing and comfortable shoes— the event is free and open to the public
Arrive no later than 6:30 pm to enjoy the guided experience – 90min duration
For up-to-date information follow us @portcapa on Instagram
Arrive early to experience the Port Capa gallery element within Coastal/Border: a group gallery show (closes at 6 pm).  
Make a day out of it! Points of interest include the Korean Bell of Friendship, Sunken City, 
White Point Nature Preserve, Point Fermin Lighthouse, Fort McArthur Museum, S.S. Lane Victory, Gateway Plaza Fanfare Fountain… 
For questions/comments, email us at 
Hope to see you there!
The Port Capa team.
Port Capa is composed of a wonderful team of artists from the CalArts community and the Los Angeles region. 
By Dany Naierman, with Tanya Orellana/Scenic Design, Rose Malone/Lighting Design, Daniel Gower/Sound Design, 
Paola Escobar/Choreography, Melanie Waingarten/Performer, Sam Creely/Performer, Nico Savignano/Performer, Anna Rose Hopkins/Performer, Martabel Wasserman/Curator, and Hank and Bean LA.