‘Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light’ – Second Collaborative Album from The Body & Full of Hell Out November 17th

Harmony in Conflict

Sludge/experimental metal duo, The Body, and grindcore band, Full of Hell, will release their second collaborative record, Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light on November 17th. The new record promises more experimentation with electronic music elements, an aspect which made their previous collaboration, One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache, a stand-out metal release in 2016.

With One Day You Will Ache, The Body & Full of Hell played with static, manipulated speaker feedback and worked with electronic music programming to create immersive drone effects which paired with the characteristically anguished, haunting vocals from The Body’s Chip King. Highlight tracks include “The Butcher” — a sludgey track with trilling electronic sounds cutting through a growling drone — and “Cain,” in which chaotic squealing and static contrast with soft, steady bass drum thumps.

The Body is known for experimenting with electronic programming and unusual elements in their music, creating harmony with sonic conflict. On their most recent solo album, No One Deserves Happiness, the band showcased pop-influenced electronics and styles. A good example of this methodology is the track “Two Snakes.” The echoed drum production is reminiscent of 80s alternative pop a la The Cure, and the song incorporates carefully distorted synths.

Ascending Mountain will be the second release form Full of Hell this year, who’s 3rd solo record, Trumpeting Ecstasy, came out in May to favorable critical reviews. With their latest record, Full of Hell manages to revitalize classic (some may say stale) death metal elements with experimentation in combatting vocals and musical styles characteristic of their roots in grindcore and powerviolence.

This second collaboration is certainly a release to look forward to, and Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light can be pre-ordered here. In anticipation of the new album, the bands have released two tracks from the record — “Earth is a Cage” and “Farewell, Man” — which are available to stream on Full of Hell’s Bandcamp, or via Thrill Jockey’s Youtube below.

“Earth is a Cage” by The Body & Full of Hell:

Official music video for “Farewell, Man” by The Body & Full of Hell: