‘Broken Down 2’ by Tony Lovato of Mest

Mest Reimagined on ‘Broken Down 2’

Tony Lovato, singer and guitarist of pop-punk band Mest, released a second collection of acoustic re-imaginings of Mest favorites on November 3rd. The record — aptly titled Broken Down 2 — was entirely fan-funded and features 12 tracks spanning from across Mest’s catalog.

For any fan of the band and Adam Lovato’s music, this record will no doubt be a treat. The recordings are comprised of acoustic guitar with some soft piano accompaniment and layered pop punk harmonies, and a majority of the songs are pulled from Mest’s 2001 album, Destination Unknown. The acoustic arrangements give all of the tracks featured on BD2 sweeping, ballad-like qualities. Some of the songs translate particularly well into acoustic arrangements, such as “Paradise,” “M.D.M.A.” and “Can’t Take This.” Interestingly, at times the pop-punk harmonies almost have a pop-country sound, especially noticeable on the track, “Opinions.”

Stream Broken Down 2 via Spotify now:

Mest will be performing with MXPX, Goldfinger and Slick Shoes in Los Angeles at The Novo on December 16th. Broken Down 2 is available to stream on Spotify and to purchase on iTunes, here.

Broken Down 2 Track Listing:

1. Say So Long
2. Paradise (122nd Highland St.)
3. It’s Over
4. Burning Bridges
5. Until I Met You
6. Chelsea
7. 3’z My Lucky Number
8. Another Day
9. M.D.M.A.
10. This Time
11. Opinions
12. Can’t Take This

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