‘Roots Party’ EP by Tribal Seeds – Out December 1, 2017

With a roots-style reggae, dub and rock vibe, Tribal Seeds latest EP, Roots Party, due out for release on December 1, concerns itself with the universality of the world stage meditating on life, spiritually, injustice, unity, love, society, politics and history. There’s a number of passing references to getting lit and smoking the herb sprinkled liberally throughout the songs among the more pointed socially-conscious messages.

Though a chill, relaxed feel sets the laid back tone throughout the EP, it’s clear Tribal Seeds has a lot on their minds. However, this is not at the expense of the accessibility of the work in order to reach the group’s broad and diverse demographic of followers who have been into Tribal Seeds since they formed in 2005 in San Diego. The instantly likable and intoxicating material is buoyed by infectious rhythms, driving the songs with melodic tasty guitar lines, punchy and bright horns, billowy flute work and an assortment of other instruments played including drums and bass. The toasting is superb and brings a lot of intensity and excitement to the arrangements. “Aroma,” “Gunsmoke” (feat Protoje) and “Rude Girl” are among the standout tracks on Roots Party.

Considered one of the premier, respected reggae bands on the music scene, Tribal Seeds has released yet another solid effort with Roots Party. This EP further cements their position in the genre as they keep the torch and legacy alive while deepening perspectives and expanding the parameters of sound.

Roots Party Track Listing

1. Aroma
2. Gunsmoke (feat Protoje)
3. Roots Party
4. Empress
5. Rude Girl
6. Roots Dub
7. Aroma Dub
8. Empress Dub