Super Whatevr

Super Whatevr at the Roxy


The set at The Roxy on December 11, was probably under 40 minutes long, but Orange Country’s alternative band Super Whatevr managed to win over the audience and hold their attention with a quirky, offbeat sound and that disparate themes that focuses on an unusual range of topics, such as radiators to more serious subject matter like suicide, which just grab you and don’t let go. The singer and guitarist Skylar McKee, with his pitchy, off-kilter vocal style that’s oddly uncomfortable to listen, totally draws one in, is fascinating because of the earnest and passionate way he puts across a tune. His style is reminiscent of The Violent Femmes with that nervous, sort of neurotic, on-edge delivery.

McKee’s energy is a bundle of loose wiring sort of short circuiting on the stage in a way he cuts a disjointed figure before the crowd. A number of people in the audience were diehard Super Whatevr fans that came just to see their favorite band. Equally maniac and in constant motion, the rest of Super Whatevr provided steady, rock-solid support on guitars, bass and drums. The band is tight as can be and their driving, incessant energy and stamina match and keep up with McKee to present a show that is so strong and memorable it’s no wonder they garnered a coveted spot opening along with WILD on The Spill Canvas’ “No Really I’m Fine” 10-year anniversary tour. The Hopeless Records act is releasing its first full-length album, “Never Nothing,” in January 2019. Currently, they have a new single out with an accompanying video for “For You.” Let’s hope Super Whatevr get the opportunity, based on this great, but brief show, to mount their own tour and play a full set.