Romance & Rebellion at The Troubadour

Success hasn’t gone to the heads of Romance & Rebellion. The L.A. based pop-rock act gave a lot respect to The Troubadour on January 11. On stage, they spoke about the bands that opened for them on the bill, commenting they were among the best in Los Angeles.

Formed in Echo Park as a five-piece unit in 2015 and featuring vocalist/guitarist David LaViola, lead guitarist Aaron Medina, rhythm guitarist Aleksandr Landsberger, bassist Brandon Davis, and drummer Kyle Jordan Mueller, Romance & Rebellion are a talented act, sharing the stage together like a gang of brothers. The members of the group even look alike — handsome, with lean muscular builds and short fade haircuts, they performed on stage all dressed in black.

Romance & Rebellion. Photo by Warren Silveira.
Romance & Rebellion. Photo by Warren Silveira.

The band has charisma and put on a great show, demonstrating natural showmanship. They seem to love to perform and entertain their audience live, and they gave their all to the fast-paced performance. The performance was so was fast, in fact, two songs were combined into one.

In a short time, developed through social media and live shows, Romance & Rebellion has built a huge fan base leading to appearances at SXWS, Warped Tour and headlining EMO Night. Headlining The Troubadour, Romantic & Rebellion fit their big-sized stage show into the more intimate confines of this venue comfortably, and still, they were able to reach their fans on a direct, personal level. In touch with their early roots, they seem grounded and humble.

Romance & Rebellion. Photo by Jessica Perry.
Romance & Rebellion. Photo by Warren Silveira.

Adding to their popularity is a repertoire of strong, memorable, melodic songs. Romance & Rebellion performed material from their debut EP and latest sophomore EP, AMPS & ANTHEMS. Chocked full of propulsive rhythms and swelling, sing-along hook-laden choruses, the band offers relatable songwriting for their youth-culture-based audience, but also possesses enough broad appeal that people of all ages can enjoy and dig the music. Dancing, cheering and videoing the performance,  the audience was definitely having a good time.

The band pulled a Britney Spears cover out of left field with “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Personally, I think “Toxic” would have been more clever, funnier and campier to step away for a moment from being so earnest and serious as a band. Or even performing a cool, obscure punk cover would have showed they really can take a risk live and mix things up. But, all and all, Romance & Rebellion are a good, polished and professional band that perform with a lot of heart and have a feisty attitude that adds up to an engaging show.