Static and Surrender at Hotel Cafe

On January 17, the San Francisco-based four-piece alternative rock band Static and Surrender gave a passionate, heartfelt and dynamic performance at the Second Stage at Hotel Cafe. Static and Surrender definitely connected with the audience this night, performing some memorable, catchy and melodic songs from their upcoming full-length debut due out this Spring on Funzalo Records. If there was a comparison to be made, Lifehouse would come to mind. The group is working on the new LP with Jim Greer (The Rondo Brothers and Foster To The People).

Static and Surrender perform at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA on January 17, 2018.

The core of the band’s powerful sound is driven by Jeff Campbell on lead vocals and guitar, and brothers Adam Schuman on guitar and vocals and John Schuman on drums. The performance was straightforward with a bit of in-between song banter thrown in. Static and Surrender are talented musicians that show a gift for finesse and dexterity, and laid down power cords aplenty on their respective instruments, shaking the Second Stage mightily. Campbell has a gripping and urgent voice style. Though, visually, the band seemed crammed together on the platform with all their gear around them. They made the best of the situation, but it was incredibly tight up there and it didn’t seem to leave for the group rock out per say physically, and spread out, though they worked and adapted to the limited space they had.

All things considered, Static and Surrender are a good, solid band. A listener will away from their set remembering some of their songs in the back of their mind — a fact that speaks to the strength of their song material.