Album Review: ‘WILT’ by Hungover + Q&A with Vocalist Marc Cortes

Recently signed to Smart Punk, pop-punk band Hungover is re-releasing their 2016 EP, WILT with three additional tracks on March 30th, 2018.

With the rerelease of WILT, Hungover reminds 2018 of earlier pop-punk roots — but not in a way that one might expect. Rather than pulling from a 90s sound, the EP is reminiscent of 2004-2006 era emo pop-punk. The vocals and melodies on the new tracks “Three’s Company” and “Exit – Stage Left” are especially comparable to the classic A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out Panic! At The Disco — back when they had a sharper punk sounding edge. The melismatic, sweeping vocal style paired with swishing disco-y dance-punk percussion in the EP further punctuates what feels like an homage to the iconic mid-2000s sound. 

Hungover’s single off of the EP, “Irish Goodbye” has an emo/math rock introduction, freshening up what now, 12 years down the line, may be considered a “vintage” musical style, while the track “Falling Out” is lyrically about the anxiety of growing up and growing older. “Falling Out” especially pairs well thematically with the entire sound of the record, highlighting a self-awareness concerning the impactful influence of emo-pop in the band members’ youths.

Hungover is Marc Cortes (vocals), Evan Colson (guitars, vocals), Sean Connors (guitar), Austin Barney (bass, vocals), and Gabriel Santiago (drums).

Q&A with Marc Cortes of Hungover

Q: Musically, what bands/artists have influenced the band the most? Also, how would you describe your musical style?

A: All the Emo/Pop Punk giants of the early 2000’s are definitely huge influences on us: Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, and Paramore just to name a few. We were young and impressionable kids just really getting into music when those bands first broke out.

We’d describe our sound as pop-punk with an emphasis on pop. We love big hooks, catchy melodies, and writing songs that everyone can sing along to!

Q: What about lyrically? Are you inspired by any artist or writer, or do just kind of write from whatever is happening in life?

A: Daily life and personal struggle is definitely a big contributor to what direction the lyrics go in. On some level, our music is therapeutic for us and writing about what is going on in our lives is a huge emotional release.

Q: What kind of differences have been made to the EP with the re-release (besides the new songs)?

A: We had the whole thing mastered/remastered by Alan Douches (As It Is, The Wonder Years, A Day to Remember) to bring some new life to the older songs and add that same essence to the new ones. We also rearranged the order of the tracks so that it flows better when you listen all the way through.

Q: What made you decide to re-release the previous EP with additional tracks rather than package the three new songs as a new EP? Are they thematically similar, or did you just want to kind of have a fresher take, with the new signing to Smart Punk and perhaps a larger audience reach?

A: There’s definitely a theme that connects the old and new songs. WILT is an acronym for “when I lose touch” and it’s about moving on and letting go of the past to make progress in life. The new songs definitely punctuate the message we were trying to get across with the initial release.

Q: Is a full-length album for Hungover in the near future?

A: Absolutely. We’ve already been tossing around ideas for what we want a full-length record to sound like. We’ll be doing a lot of writing on the road this year in preparation for that. It’s not in the immediate future, but we definitely have the thought in the back of our minds.

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