Company of Thieves at The Hollywood Palladium

On the heels of a reunion tour after a 10-year hiatus — and currently opening for the commercial juggernaut that is Walk The Moon — Company of Thieves’ set at The Hollywood Palladium on February 9 was a triumphant return to music. The indie trio also has an upcoming EP, prophetically called Better Together, due out on February 23.

During their great set, Company of Thieves dominated the stage and served notice they are still a potent force in the music scene. The band — featuring Genevieve Schatz, Marc Walloch and Chris Faller — never missed a beat, with a hard-hitting, muscular performance that was as memorable as it was satisfying. The Company of Thieves’ sound is like an aggressive sonic attack and managed to be melodic, edgy and adventurous.

With the dynamo of a frontwoman Genevieve Schatz at the helm, the band was compelling to watch and thoroughly captivating, holding the audience’s attention throughout the set. The pacing was very good, going from strength to strength, and continued to build until their exciting performance ended. It was never predictable or dull. The musical concept of pairing Schatz’s soaring, multifaceted vocals with a powerful and versatile band was a successful match. Company of Thieves certainly have strong chemistry and camaraderie onstage. The band plays off of one another in a push and pull full of creative tension, enticing the concertgoer.

Going beyond what is apparently safe — not just merely playing a set of music and taking the easy way out — Company of Thieves manage to create a new and different experience for their fans. They push and challenge themselves beyond the limits of the music and what can be perceived as a standard, by-the-numbers show. This fact was demonstrated by their performance at The Palladium; they executed an interesting spectacle that was often dramatic and, at times, over the top. All in all, Company of Thieves can deliver a singular performance that constantly intrigues and engages the audience in a way that matters and stands out.

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