Walk The Moon at The Hollywood Palladium

Straddling genres of pop rock, electronic rock, indie rock, indie pop and dance rock, Walk The Moon are known for their incredibly catchy, hook-laden songs with irresistible melodies and seductive sing-a-along choruses. Also, face paint. That’s become a mainstay with the band and their legion of devoted, fanatical fans who made it to the band’s recent show in support of their latest album, What If Nothing. The sell-out event at the Hollywood Palladium on February 9 was a part of WTM’s Press Reset Tour.

Walk The Moon’s lyrics center around the growing pains of life; yet, they always offer a positive message about empowering one’s self, moving forward and rising above your challenges. The exuberant show was a non-stop, high energy affair where each member was in constant motion onstage — not only playing their instruments, but also striking up poses and offering quirky dance moves of their own. This tireless physical workout probably further revved up the fans in the audience. Clearly beside themselves and overcome with emotion seeing their favorite band, they didn’t really need much additional coaxing, cheerleading and rallying to get a favorable response. Just the same, that is exactly what the band did.

The crowd sang in unison with every song and waved their hands in the air in-sync with the band who directed them with precision from the stage. Yet, concertgoers were already primed and ready to go. They went completely wild from the moment the band took the stage and immediately played their first note of the show. The set was punctuated by striking, colorful lights that flashed in tandem with the music creating a complimentary visual effect.

Lead vocalist Nicholas Petricca is a likable and charismatic frontman. Despite (or in spite) of the decidedly commercial bent of the music, the band is made up of skilled musical craftsmen, and the arrangements reflect that. They feature a lot of dynamism, texture and impressive, notable finesse.

If you’re a Walk The Moon fan, the sold-out show at the Hollywood Palladium was the place to be; you definitely wouldn’t have left disappointed. The band gave the performance their all, even if this show well may have been very similar to the last date they played. There is nothing wrong with being seasoned performers who really have it down. It’s a successful formula that’s paying off, but on some level, it’s too predictable when measured by the more critical, unbiased eye. At least, the band waited much later into their set to play their mega-hit, “Shut Up and Dance With Me.”

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