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tHeARTofla is in the process of expanding its web presence to include a focused and unique quarterly print publication.

While tHeARTofla website will continue to cover current events and releases, the print publication will provide the opportunity to delve deep into the culture and history of the Greater Los Angeles concert industry. In this sense, the print publication will be a companion to the web publication, with exclusive features providing insider knowledge not readily available to the public.

The print publication will be available free, and distributed to over 500 locations across Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Diego.

Behind The Scenes of LA Music and Art – tHeARTofla

Thanks for checking out tHeARTofla. With your help and the help of hundreds of musicians, bands, artists, venues, galleries and events, we are building a connected art community in Los Angeles and beyond. Our goal is to keep this community in touch with current happenings, and to explore of the history of the music and art of Los Angeles.

You are at the epicenter of inside information on what is current in the Los Angeles music and art communities. We cover bands and artists who have been credited with starting their specific genre in music. We cover the history of music in LA from the early germination of punk through the 90’s Riot Grrrl scene and today’s current styles. You will find out about musicians who are well known in the LA music scene but who are just breaking through to the wider pop culture. We offer some behind the scenes peeks into the industry as well as some in-depth looks into the history of some artists’ careers. We also give a behind the scenes look into the events and venues in the LA area.

Intimate Perspectives of LA Musicians and Artists

We cover the concerts and club dates going on in the greater LA area, and offer exclusive interviews with artists who are making it happen today, along with those musicians whose shaping of LA’s music and culture made them the hood ornaments of LA’s music evolution.

We keep current on the music and art trends in the LA area. Be sure to get in touch with us if you have a venue, event or artist you want to bring to our attention.