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The 7th Annual BROKE L.A. Music & Arts Festival
Saturday, April 8, 2017
4560 Worth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90063

Kolaj was on the main stage as the sun started to set.  The electronic dance group fronted by sultry singer Teesa Houston brought an eclectic vibe to the day’s events.


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Broke L.A.

The 7th Annual BROKE L.A. Music & Arts Festival on Saturday, April 8 gave attendees a lot of value for the price of admission at $25 per person. The festival ran from 2:30 p.m. to 12:00 A.M. at 4560 Worth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90063 set against a graffitied, industrial, concrete background. This diverse and eclectic event featured 50 multi-genre musical acts including acoustic, alternative, post-punk, EDM, R&B, rap and soul acts across four stages, DJs, several up-and-coming comedians, art installations, a variety of street food and food truck vendors, photo booths, activism hubs and 30-plus local business vendors. BROKE L.A. is known for being dog-friendly included puppy adoptions and the fest allows owners to bring their pets on the premise until 7 p.m.recently celebrated  L.A. becoming an official “No Kill” city.

The attendees ran the gamut from young artsy types, hippies, some yuppies in between, and wild and free-spirited individuals expressing themselves as creatively in their choice of dress (some costumes) as the “melting pot” environment they participated in mirroring the DIY aesthetic of the festival itself.

While there were no breakout stars and amazing, jaw-dropping sets on the music and comedy front at BROKE L.A., the sets were enthusiastically received and enjoyed by the festival crowds. All artists and comedians were solid performers. The bands worked the stage hard with their musical performances though many fell short delivering original, memorable songs. Some emphasized style or substance and put image first. Though Iconique comes across as derivative, at times, they deserve a mention for their tight, playful choreography and confidence attitude. Thewww.artofla.com’s picks for best bands to watch for and have the most potential are: “Brasstracks,” “Kid Wave,” “Bloodboy,” “Send Medicine,” “Kolaj,” “Ugly Sweaters” and “Thumpasaurus.”

The comedians drew big crowds and made their audiences laugh and sometimes got people think outside of the box with their standup routines eschewing the stock, easy “go-to” “ball and dick” jokes. Omig Singh, Marcella Arguello and Kyle Kinane are among the many that performed grabbing one’s attention for their ingenuity and creativity culling material that transcends the over-mined sources of comedy with something different and fresh.

Overall, the 7th Annual BROKE L.A. Music & Arts Festival is a positive and empowering yearly interdisciplinary music and arts event that are a reflection of the diverse and multi-faceted community wants to attract and has successfully in delivering year after year.



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