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Punk band Good Riddance play the Troubadour

If you are at all a music fan — punk rock especially, then the place to be on Saturday, April 15th  was at The Troubadour in West Hollywood because that venue hosted one hell of a lineup. Headlining the show was Santa Cruz punk veterans Good Riddance, while Union 13, Western Addiction and Spanish Love Songs opened.

Up first was Spanish Love Songs who are LA-based and signed to Los Angeles’s own Wiretap Records. They had a good mix of indie and punk rock in their sound. The band got the crowd warmed up with songs “Bad Day,” “Paper Cup,” “Remainder,”  and even some new songs from their upcoming album that they announced would be out sometime this summer. Fans of bands like The Menzingers and Pup should keep an eye out for when that record is released.

The next band to take the stage was Western Addiction, who in many ways stole the show. My mouth dropped open in awe several times during their set. The band just released their new album Tremulous through Fat Wreck Chords in March — their first full-length since 2005’s Cognicide. Throughout their set the band was flawlessly tight and had no trouble taking command of the room. Lead vocalist Jason Hall didn’t hesitate jumping into the crowd with the mic (even with the stand at some points) and continued to yell into it while interacting with the audience. They played new and old songs such as Clatter And Hiss,” “Taedium,” “Mailer, Meet Jim,” and “The Church Of Black Flag.” Western Addiction’s performance was incredibly intense and impressive. The fact that they had the songs from Tremulous down so well after it being out for such a short amount of time pretty amazing. There is no doubt that album will make many year-end lists in December.

Once Western Addiction finished up, it was East Los Angeles’s own Union 13’s turn. The long-running hardcore band was definitely the most politically charged of the night, making references to hot-button issues like immigration during their in-between-song banter. Some of the notable songs of their’s that they played were “Un Dia Mas,” “Never Connected,” and  “The Game.” Union 13 put on a very lively and aggressive set that goes step moshing started.

Once the clock struck 11 o’clock Good Riddance’s set began. This was not the first time seeing this band and each time they have never disappointed and that includes this show. The venue was packed and right away the moshing and circle pits broke out immediately after the music began. They had a very diverse set list that touched upon the majority of their discography that included songs such as “Static,” “A Credit To His Gender,” “Fertile Fields” as well as “Disputatio” from their 2016 Fat Wreck Chords release Peace In Out Time.

Overall, this was an absolutely killer show  — from every band’s performance to the venue itself. Each band was different-sounding but still fell under the punk genre, which made for great variety. Punk fans who are not aware of any of these groups should absolutely check out their recorded material, but also make sure to see them live because they were all remarkably great.